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It's not too late

I support your efforts to retain and re-instate the vintage waterfront streetcar service in the City of Seattle. A wholesale criminal act has been unfolding in-between Ron Sims, leadership of SAM, and now apparently Metro itself in trying to quietly eliminate these wonderful assets to the city of Seattle. While I’m sure I’m restating the obvious, it’s not too late to get them back into service, and get the track repaired. During the invasive waterfront re-construction, what better than having vintage W-2 Streetcars bringing tourists back to the businesses and attractions? One would have thought this is what the business folk want to get their shops bustling again.  This angle needs to be played up, along with fulfilling the recommendations of the study done to re-locate the car house next to the first hill line. Some dropping resistors and new wire in the W-2s and they should be able to run just fine off 700, look at the historic Metro trolley coaches from the 1940s. They were built to run off 600, now running off 700/750. Not rocket science.

In closing, you need to get mayor ... McGinn on board with saving and bringing back the waterfront line, Pedicabs and Jitneys are not going to serve the transportation needs along a new Alaskan way (and while you’re at it, if you could have him fire that firm for coming up with such an asinine idea), these Seattle landmarks need to be put back into service and given a proper home to provide a living breathing artistic history and useful transportation along the waterfront.

Zack W.
Puyallup, WA