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Awesome on the waterfront

Dear City Council Members,

As a resident and tax payer in Seattle I urge you to save the vintage Trolley cars and work with the waterfront development team and the proposed Arena development to incorporate them into the plan.

I realize that things must change in order for cities to continue to be successful and economically viable places for people to live and companies to thrive. I support the tunnel plan and waterfront redevelopment, I'm also a proponent of the new proposed Arena (albeit I want the NHL more than the NBA). But in my opinion I think new development should not sacrifice classic and vintage charm in order to happen. I think the 1920s Trolley line would be awesome on the waterfront. I can see now the NFL,NBA and NHL showing it on TV during game breaks.

I am not originally from Seattle. I'm born and raised in Buffalo, NY, which is a city that has lost half its population, practically all of its major economy and in turn buildings that were build shortly after the Revolutionary War are now being torn down. This is why I'm supportive of the progress happening in Seattle, but I know all to well what Seattle will lose if they let the 1920s Trolley cars go. Erasing history benefits no one and makes us all the more ignorant.

Ryan S.

p.s. I vote too!