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Streetcar was an integral part of the Seattle waterfront

Dear Mr. Gibbs,

I wish to state my strong support for your efforts to restore the George Benson Waterfront Streetcar to Seattle’s waterfront.

It borders on criminal the way Ron Sims and SAM conspired to kill the Streetcar by ripping down the car barn to build the Olympic Sculpture Park. (By the way, on my one visit to the Sculpture Park I was underwhelmed by both the quantity and quality of the work – outside the Alexander Calder piece.)

The Streetcar was an integral part of the Seattle waterfront. It allowed tourists and locals alike to easily access the venues, shops and restaurants along Elliott Bay. I would like to know what the negative impact has been to tourism along the waterfront since the Streetcar’s demise. I know I used ride the Streetcar most every time I came to downtown Seattle (which is usually at least once or twice a month). Since the Streetcar was killed I have probably been to the waterfront only two or three times.

We definitely can’t let these beauties be shipped off to St. Louis – or anywhere else – before plans can be laid to reestablish the George Benson Waterfront Streetcar.

Jim H.