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Seattle's Inaccessible Waterfront

With the loss of the Waterfront Streetcar in 2005, and the impending major cuts to the 99 bus, the entire 1.7 mile central waterfront is essentially inaccessible to those with disabilities. As far as I know, there are only a few accessible ways for tourists and local workers to reach the waterfront, and last night's presentation convinced me that the plans currently being drawn up will not improve the situation.

Let's assume that there's some sort of public transit on First Avenue (which might or might not be the case). Here are the only ways I know for someone with mobility impairments to reach the waterfront. I've listed attractions and employment centers at these locations. Am I missing any?

[streetview width="100%" height="250px" lat="47.615094" lng="-122.354848" heading="23.951612903225804" pitch="0.14516129032258096" zoom="1"][/streetview]

* Broad Street/Pier 70 (Old Spaghetti Factory, Sculpture Park): walk or bike down/up a steep hill
* Clay Street (Argosy University): walk or bike down/up a steep hill
* Cedar Street/Pier 69 (RealNetworks, World Trade Center, Victoria Clipper): no access
* Vine Street: walk or bike down/up a steep hill
* Wall Street (The Edgewater): walk or bike down/up a steep hill
* Battery Street (Art Institute of Seattle): no access
* Bell Street/Pier 66 (Bell Harbor Conference Center, Anthony's): Pedestrian walk?
* Blanchard Street (Marriott): no access
* Lenora Street: no access
* Virginia Street: no access
* Stewart StreetPine Street/Piers 62-63: no access
* Pike Street/Pier 59 (Pike Place Market and garage, Seattle Aquarium): a hard-to-find elevator in the Market garage
* Union Street/Waterfront Park: steep street now, to be replaced with new pedestrian walk; accessibility unclear
* University Street/Pier 57 (Ferris Wheel): steep street
* Seneca Street/Pier 56 (multiple businesses): steep street
* Spring Street/Pier 55 (multiple businesses): steep street
* Madison Street/Pier 54 (Ye Olde Curiosity Shop, Ivar's): steep street
* Marion Street: steep street, #66 bus eery 30 minutes, elevator to pedestrian walkway to First Avenue
* Columbia Street/Coleman Dock (Washington State Ferries, McDonald's, multiple businesses): steep street, #16 bus
* Yesler Way/Pier 50 (passenger ferries): foot access across Alaskan Way blocked
* S. Washington Street: no access
* S. Main Street: no access
* S. Jackson Street: ??
* S. King Street: ??