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Reviving the Streetcar

A 2011 study commissioned by the stadium authority and the sports teams concluded that the Waterfront Streetcar could and should be reactivated.

[T]he Waterfront Streetcar could be reactivated for a cost in the range of $10.3 million to $12.7 million....[and] could take up to one year to complete. ...

Short‐term reactivation of the Waterfront Streetcar should be considered as the first phase of a longer‐ term strategy to provide transit service linking waterfront tourist destinations, ferry services, and other regional transit services. ...

The Central Waterfront plan should explicitly consider the value a Waterfront Streetcar could provide in the revitalized Central Waterfront as a “people‐friendly” mode of transportation along its 2‐mile length.

Waterfront-Streetcar-Study-2011 (8 MB PDF)

Tom Gibbs reports:

I have been told by folks close to the waterfront park planning team that an alternative transportation plan for the park shows a streetcar line in the new Alaskan Way. We need to attend the [upcoming public] meeting and voice our support for that option. [The meeting will be held] on July 12th at 5:30 PM in the Exhibition Hall at the Seattle Center.

We need to attend and voice our support for that option. Without it, there is no future for the Waterfront Trolley!! Bring friends and family. Numbers count.

RSVP for the meeting at the Waterfront Seattle website.